Our Mission

To Help You Achieve Your Hearts Desire!
Go Serve Big!!!


Five Core Value Commitments to Each Other, Our Clients, and Our Community!




Our Core Commitment


Through a commitment to Second Mile Service, Empowering and Inspiring Others, Being Results Driven, Valuing Relationships by Expressing Gratitude, and Embracing Continual Improvement, our company will endeavor to be the best place to work for our team members, the best place to buy and sell real estate for our clients, be the best stewards for our shareholders, and give our best to our community.



Our Operational Values


  • Second-mile service: Go Serve Big!!!
  • Empower and Inspire Others
  • Results Driven
  • Value Relationships by Expressing Gratitude
  • Embrace Continual Improvement



Second Mile Service


Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two. Matthew 5:41

  • Exceed our clients expectations and never cut corners.
  • Make it easy for our team members to deliver second mile service!
  • Be exceptional stewards of revenue for Shareholders
  • Walk the walk and talk the talk of going the extra mile in the Community.



Empower Others


Give (someone) the authority or power to do something. Make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

  • Hold ourselves accountable to our Clients interests!
  • Allow and encourage team members to solve problems and issues.
  • Follow through on commitments for our Shareholders
  • Love our neighbors as ourselves.



Results Driven


a strategy focused on outcomes and achievements. 

  • Focus on and deliver the results demanded by our Clients.
  • Provide team members with clear direction and clear a path.
  • Practice Productivity over just Activity for Shareholders
  • Make a positive and lasting impact in and on our Community



Value Relationships by 
Expressing Gratitude


the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

  • Openly Thank our Clients for their trust in us.
  • Promote and praise our Team members openly and often!
  • Respect our Shareholders risks, research and concerns.
  • Invest time and treasure in to our Community.



Embrace Continuous Improvement


an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes.

  • Our Clients deserve our best: Good enough never is.
  • Promote Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities for our Team members.
  • Challenge the status quo for our Shareholders interests.
  • Be a positive force for good in our Community





To Be the Best Place to Work, Buy and Sell Real Estate in California!








Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.





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Second Mile Service

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Empower And Inspire

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Results Driven

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Value Relationships

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Continual Improvement

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Ken Blanchard






Our Mission


To Help You Achieve Your Hearts Desire


Our Vision


To Be The Best Place to Work, Buy and Sell Real Estate in California!


This book of values describes how we can achieve greater success – measured not by volume or profits, but by the quality of life for the staff team members and agents, and the quality of service for our clients.


By committing to a common purpose and shared values, we can adopt a way of doing business that allows the ownership, the staff team members, the agents, customers, and clients – to win.


This book clarifies Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty’s core values and communicates them loud and clear. The words in this book do not end on these pages. By aligning them with actual practices within the company everyone can reach an exciting new level of success.


Our Core Commitments


Five Core Value Commitments to Each Other, Our Clients and Our Community!

  • Second Mile Service
  • Empower and Inspire Others
  • Results Driven
  • Value Relationships by Expressing Gratitude
  • Embrace Continual Improvement


Through a commitment to Second Mile Service, Empowering and Inspiring Others, Being Results Driven, Valuing Relationships by Expressing Gratitude, and Embracing Continual Improvement, our company will endeavor to be the best place to work for our team members, the best place to buy and sell real estate for our clients, be the best stewards for our shareholders, and give our best to our community.




Second Mile Service


Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.

– Matthew 5:41


Second-mile service has its roots all the way back in first-century Palestine. The Romans had conquered most of the Mediterranean world. One of the marvels of their conquest was a vast system of superhighways that they had built for travel to and from their conquered territories. There were more than fifty thousand miles of these Roman roads throughout the Empire. At each single mile was a stone marker. These mile markers pointed directions, determined the distance to the next town as well as to Rome itself, and warned of dangers that might lie ahead. Hence the common phrase “All roads lead to Rome.”


By law, a Roman citizen or soldier could compel a subject from one of the conquered lands to carry his backpack, or load, for him for one mile, but one mile only. Jesus, as he was preaching His famous Sermon on the Mount, said, Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.


Can you imagine the bombshell this must have been as it fell upon the ears of those under Roman occupation who were listening to His sermon? Jesus called upon His hearers to do what was required of them — and then some.


What is it that separates some from others in athletics or education or business or the arts, or in any endeavor? It is their drive to do more than is expected or required.


When focusing on the second mile, many forget there are two miles in play here. The first is a mandated mile; the second is a miracle mile.


There is a Mandated Mile Motivated By Law


The first mile is simply what is required of us. The first mile is always the hardest though. Ask the distance runner. The second wind never kicks in on the first mile. The truth is, it is not as easy to enjoy the things we have to do as it is to enjoy the things we want to do.


When an agent sells a home many companies celebrate as if this is some accomplishment. They send postcards out saying “Hey look what I did, I sold a house!” But isn’t this what IS required of us? Spiking the football, putting on the jacket or ringing the bell when the agent sells a house – is expected by the client. Isn’t that what you do, sell houses?


I think the reason it is celebrated by agents is because it’s tough to get started on the first mile. Ask any first-century Jew under Roman rule. The first mile interrupts your schedule when you are compelled to perform it. It causes you to swallow your own pride and bear an extra burden. Likewise, often the most difficult part is getting started on the first mile. This is true with almost everything in life, with exercise programs, dieting, and scores of other disciplines. In fact, many try to play leapfrog with Matthew 5:41. That is, they want to enjoy the little extras of the second mile, but they do not want to deal with the requirements of the first mile.


There can be no second-mile service without going the first mile.


There Is a Second Mile Motivated by Love of Others


It is this mile that separates certain individuals from others. The second mile is only made possible by being obedient to the first mile. The second mile has a way of brightening our own road. Think about it. Imagine a first-century boy working at his trade. A Roman soldier comes by, calls to him, and demands that he carry his backpack for one mile down the road. Now, this command interrupts the lad’s whole day and takes him away from his work. But he has no choice. However, this boy is a second miler. They approach the one-mile marker and instead of putting down the pack, spitting on the ground, and marching back home, he volunteers to go the extra mile with the soldier. That sort of thing changes people. That sort of service is contagious. That sort of person changes lives.


Someone who journeys on the second mile also has a way of lightening the load of those around them. One cannot travel the second mile without influencing others. It only takes one-second miler in a home to change the entire environment. It only takes one-second miler on a team or in the office to do the same.


Now that we haveclear understanding of what Second Mile Service is, let’s examine our commitment to Our Clients, Each Other, The Stakeholders and Our Community with Second Mile Service.


For Our Clients, We are Committed to Exceeding Expectations and Will Never Cut Corners.


Most real estate agents, not all, but most admit they got into real estate because they believed they could make more money and be their own boss. It is true that a successful agent will do well financially and yes an agent as an independent contractor is in charge of their own schedule. But somewhere along the way those that understand second-mile service come to believe their business is not for them, it is for others.


Imagine that as an agent your commission checks can’t be cashed to pay any of your bills. They are simply a measuring stick and offer no financial value. Instead, you can only pay your bills, eat and sleep indoors with Referrals, Five Star Reviews, and Repeat Business. If this were true, would you do things differently? Would you build your business and conduct your business differently in order to ensure service went well beyond just getting a commission check? Of course you would.


Exceeding clients’ expectations has to be built into the very fabric of the business from the people’s mindset to the systems to the culture. Anything short would cutting corners.


Second Mile Service for Our People Means Making it Easy to Over Deliver!


Getting customers and taking care of them is hard enough as it is. It does not need to be made harder by complex business methods or dysfunction among company departments and levels. Leading-edge technology and clarity of core processes are an integral part of the SYSTEM at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. Approaching each day with an attitude of good enough never translates into a steady look at questioning the status quo, keeping us dedicated to helping the great people at this historic company over-deliver!


The company was founded by a super successful real estate agent, Rudy Lira Kusuma. In fact, when Rudy L. Kusuma hired the very first accountant, Rudy told them their “#1 priority was to make sure the agent got their money the instant a closing takes place, after all it’s their money… not ours!”


Nothing against industry brokers, it’s just that the perspective and lens all things are done by and seen thru at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty is that of the agent and what will make it easier for them to over-deliver great service to our clients.


After all, we (the leadership team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty) have been there and done that and successfully taught many others how to do it (establish a super profitable real estate sales team business).


For Our Stakeholders, Second Mile Service Means Being Exceptional Stewards of the Brand and Revenue.


We have the #1 Real Estate Business Building System in history with Coaching and Training done by some of the top real estate agents in history. To whom much is given much is required.


A great way to look at this would be to look at one of the greatest stories ever told by the greatest leader in history. The parable of the talents.


The “Parable of the Talents”, in Matthew 25:14–30 tells of a  master who was leaving his house to travel, and, before leaving, entrusted his property to his servants. According to the abilities of each man, one servant received five talents, the second servant received two talents, and the third servant received one talent. The property entrusted to the three servants was worth 8 talents, where talent was a significant amount of money. Upon returning home, after a long absence, the master asks his three servants for an account of the talents he entrusted to them. The first and the second servants explain that they each put their talents to work, and have doubled the value of the property with which they were entrusted; each servant was rewarded:


His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’


The third servant, however, had merely hidden his talent, had buried it in the ground, and was punished by his master:


“Then the one who had received the one talent came and said,‘Sir, I knew that you were a hard man, harvesting where you did not sow, and gathering where you did not scatter seed, so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. See, you have what is yours.’ But his master answered,‘Evil and lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I didn’t sow and gather where I didn’t scatter? Then you should have deposited my money with the bankers, and on my return I would have received my money back with interest! Therefore take the talent from him and give it to the one who has ten. For the one who has will be given more, and he will have more than enough. But the one who does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. And throw that worthless slave into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’”


Accountability is something many in our world want no part of. The most successful though know they are owed nothing, but owe giving their all every day to others, especially to those that entrust them with extreme value. Deliver MORE value than what is/was/will be received = over-deliver.


For Our Community, We Will Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk on Going the Extra Mile.


Everyone has a story. It’s likely that everyone is or has or will go through a hard time of some kind. In our world today though many walk thru it as if they are the only ones that matter. It’s as if they own the road and everyone else is in their way. How hard is it to say thank you, hold the door open for someone or allow a car to have the gap in front of you? Right, not hard. Selfless vs selfish. When you study successful people in history, you will discover that at some point along their path people began to do business with them not so much for what they did, but for who they were.


Second-mile service doesn’t start and end with a real estate transaction, it is a way of life. It is essentially who you are. “A community loves on those who love on their community” – Dr. Ike Reighard.


   Second Mile Service Commitments

  • Exceed our clients expectations and never cut corners.
  • Make it easy for everyone in the company to deliver second-mile service!
  • Be exceptional stewards of revenue for Shareholders.
  • Walk the walk and talk the talk of going the extra mile in the Community.




Empower and Inspire Others



Give someone the authority or power to do something. Make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.


Zig Ziglar was often quoted as saying “If you help other people achieve in life what they want, those same people will, in turn, help you achieve what you want in life.”Zig always would point out this principle was not something to manipulate others but instead was a philosophy to be employed in life.


At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, we have that same fundamental belief and we see it best expressed when we empower and inspire others to be their very best.


To empower someone is to give them permission to make decisions necessary to carry out a mission. Empowerment, in short, is a belief that someone has the capabilities to make the very best decisions at the perfect moment in time without having to seek permission to do so. To inspire someone is to breathe life into their dreams. The Latin word for inspire is “addo” and it means to breathe life into something.


At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty we combine the two qualities of empowerment and inspiration to help build high-performance teams. Every day should be an appointment to help someone feel empowered or inspired and when combined a win/win is achieved every time.


Steps to EMPOWER others in their deepest need.


Source: Dr. Ike Reighard


1. Exercise intentionality in elevating awareness of the importance of empowerment.

Look for ways to exhibit opportunities to help team members model the power of empowerment. “Rules without relationships will always lead to rebellion.” The genius of empowerment is to lessen rules and to “UP” the level of personal responsibility and accountability in decisions that are made.


2. Establish an atmosphere of trust within your organization.

Trust is the key factor in a healthy organizational atmosphere. The reason trust is so important is the level of trust will determine the speed of change. Today’s organization must be fast, fluid, and flexible. Allowing people to have successes along with failures is a major way to establish trust in a company environment.


3. Encouragement and self-improvement go hand in hand.

One way an organization exhibits empowerment is when team members learn new skills that help the company get better as a whole. Investing in the lives of those in the organization will give a strong sense of support which reinforces self-esteem.


4. Empowerment always encourages feedback.

An empowered organization never operates as a monologue but instead operates as a dialogue. When we encourage feedback, it brings diverse people into a communication loop that empowers others to speak up and to speak out. Healthy organizations will always encourage dialogue among coworkers.


5. Clarify and establish clear cut goals for the organization.

No one likes to operate in a fog zone. No one likes to work in an organization where there is a lack of clearly defined goals that move the organization forward. Busyness does not equate to effectiveness. And activity must never be confused with accomplishment. The clearer we are about outcomes the more efficient we will be without human management resources.


6. Have an open-door policy that allows others to freely express ideas.

An open-door policy is always the best policy in any organization. Truly great organizations not only encourage open doors, but they often reward those who walk through the doors with great ideas that will improve the business or culture of the organization. Removing hierarchical boundaries is a great way to empower an organization to have free flow ideas that are necessary for innovation. An open door equals openness!


7. Establish an environment that fosters open communication.

The art of communication is understanding what a person heard rather than what a person has said. Taking time to build relationships is the greatest factor to have healthy communication. The worst form of communication is an email or text that impacts a person’s life within the organization. Great communicators know that face-to-face communication is always the best way to reduce the possibility of misunderstandings. Take time to be with each other!


8. Create a safe zone.

When it comes to experiencing failure in an organization, a safe zone is a must. When an organization has a lack of failures, that organization is probably not attempting to implement new ideas. Any great organization knows there will be times of failure and the fear of failure will often keep organizations in a rut rather than moving to a high ground of risk. In a healthy culture, failure is simply a part of the matrix. If there are not great failures, there are probably not great successes. Failure is never fatal unless you allow it to be final!


9. Require accountability that allows coworkers to know if they are meeting expectations.

One of the most frustrating parts of a job is having a lack of clarity on what truly constitutes success. Getting clear written guidance on what is expected of you creates a sense of accountability and gives you a critical path to work toward in meeting clearly defined expectations. There is great frustration when you have done the very best you can only to find out that what you have done was not what was expected by your authority. To the degree of importance, the same degree of written clarity is necessary to avoid disappointment from both parties.


10. Work diligently to create a culture that expresses appreciation to everyone on the team.

A culture of appreciation is a culture that will attract others. Everyone wants to be appreciated and when everyone also shows appreciation, it creates an environment that is very attractional to be a part of. Thomas Edison was noted for making sure that he would say thank you 100 times per day because he knew that with all the things he was inventing it was taking lots more people than himself to carry out the experiments. He made a habit to say thank you to his employees 100 times a day. That is a culture of appreciation.




1. Inspire – to set yourself on fire.

The greatest way to inspire others is to be an inspiration for yourself. People are going to watch what you do more than they will ever listen to what you have to say. The very best way to inspire others is to be inspired by yourself. Set yourself on fire and others will come watch you burn!


2. To inspire others, have a committed heart rather than an uncommitted heart.

An uncommitted heart will always look for a way of escape, but a committed heart will look for a solution. People are inspired when they see someone with solutions rather than those looking for a way of escape. Committed hearts inspire others!


3. To inspire others, become a person with an abundance mentality rather than a scarcity mentality.

Abundance mentality people realize that the world has unlimited resources at their disposal. A person with a scarcity mentality believes that everything is in limited supply. The scarcity mentality sees the world as a pizza and there are a limited number of slices. The person with an abundance mentality sees the world as a candle. It does not matter how many candles you light, because it never diminishes the light from your own candle. The end result of candle lighters is that the world becomes a brighter place!


4. To inspire others, help them to learn to measure their life by looking backward and not always looking forward.

Inspiring people is often reminding them of how far they have come in comparison to where they are now. When we look back and see the blessings that have taken place, we are filled with a heart of gratitude instead of a heart of greed, which is based on having more and more. To inspire others, measure your life looking backward.


5. Inspiring others is a reminder that your dreams must be bigger than your memories.

While we may look backward to measure where we have come from, having a dream is a pull toward a preferable future. We must always have something pulling us forward. The Bible teaches this concept, saying “without a vision, the people perish”. I would add, “with a vision, people tend to flourish”.


6. To inspire others, challenge them to live an extraordinary life rather than ordinary living.

To shape a persons’ identity and long-term aspiration, challenge them to operate from their highest and best and never from their lowest and least. Remind people that they are blessed with seeds of greatness and that with proper cultivation they will produce a remarkable harvest when they fully engage their talents and skill set.


7. To inspire others, teach them how to execute on their dreams.

The difference between aspiration and accomplishment lies in the execution. The failure to turn aspirations into dreams is a common problem for most people. The root of failure lies in a lack of execution. It is not good enough to have a game plan; you must execute the game plan. Inspiring others is taking action steps toward execution that will turn aspiration into real-life accomplishments!


8. To inspire people is to trust people.

The Great Place to Work Institute in San Francisco utilized the trust index. The index measures 5 key components.


They are:

Respect, Camaraderie, Pride, Fairness, and Credibility


When all 5 of these components are fully utilized, an atmosphere of high-level trust is accomplished. You empower and inspire people when you trust they will do the right thing.


9. Inspire others by sharing in the sacrifices you ask them to make.

Inspiring leaders would never ask people to do what they themselves are not willing to do. There is no finer model to inspire people than the inspirational actions of a leader.


10. To inspire people, share your story and help others understand that they have a story to tell as well.

Several years ago, a Nobel prize-winning physicist made this observation, “I no longer believe that the university is held together by atoms but instead the universe is held together by our stories.” The beautiful part of stories is that they do not tell people what to do, but rather engage the mind, heart, and emotion of people by sharing a narrative that shows what other people have done. A good reminder is that it is one thing to tell your story but a whole other thing to live your story. Live your story today the way you would be proud to tell your story tomorrow without having to change a thing.


Empowering and Inspiring Other’s Commitments


  • Hold ourselves accountable to our Clients’ interests!
  • Allow and encourage team members to solve problems and issues.
  • Follow through on commitments for our Shareholders
  • Love our neighbors as ourselves.




Results Driven


A Strategy Focused on Outcomes and Achievements


Results Driven speaks to a person’s ability to create momentum based on their ultimate goal of getting things done. Successful people are results-driven knowing that they are motivated, goal-oriented, and productive. These three things can make you a truly successful real estate agent, but more importantly, can make you a truly successful person.


The Ability to Create Momentum With The End Goal In Mind


In life, there needs to be some motivating factor that is going to force you to produce the results you want. There must be a goal that is going to drive you forward at all costs – a reason that is going to motivate you no matter what. As Jim Collins said in his book Good to Great, “a big hairy audacious goal”.


All real estate agents have a reason they decided to join the business. For some, this is going to be creating wealth beyond their imagination; for some, this is going to be creating more time in their life for the family; for others, it will be the ability to be able to give to charity. What is your big WHY? Whatever this is for you, make sure you know what it is – has it hung up around your home office, place it on your computer screensaver, your phone screensaver. You need to get this ball rolling. It is what will give you the momentum you need to find the drive and motivation day in and day out. This needs to be what gets you back in your rhythm when you are feeling down or have a bad day. The reason why you are doing and working the way you are, and it will always be your motivation. Figure out your big WHY. What is the thing that is going to wake you up out of bed and be the reason you want to do this?


Think about it. Write it down below:


Matthew 17:20 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”


Stay motivated and have faith. Let faith roar so loud that you no longer hear any of your doubters. The motivation you have harnessed going to drive you to your goals.


Creating SMART Goals


Goal setting is one of the largest parts of being results-driven. Creating SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Based. Every part of SMART needs to be thoroughly thought out when creating a goal. If you are working every day without a goal in mind, you will find yourself complacent and apathetic when going to work. If you go to work 9 to 5 and just have tasks, you will end up living for Friday and getting out the doors for the Weekend…only to turn around on Monday to do the same thing all over again. Work like this lacks the purpose and drive that a SMART goal can provide. Your team leader will layout goals for you that are SMART. Now that there is motivation you have the reasoning why you are going to achieve all the SMART goals you layout.


SMART looks something like this:




Goals need to be well defined, so everyone on the team knows exactly what they will be achieving and why. For example, “find one hundred entrepreneurial mindset real estate agents that want to grow a team to accomplish their WHY and line up with the core values of the brokerage in California.”In this example, you can see we have defined the specifics of the WHO (entrepreneurial mindset real estate agents), the WHAT (agents that want to grow a team and line up with the brokerages core values), the WHY (to help them accomplish their WHY), and the WHERE (in California). These four aspects are foundational to setting a solid goal.




Trying to reach a goal without any measurement is like being dropped on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no compass or map and being told to get back to the United States. All you will see is a sea of blue. You will try and travel where you need to go, but you will most likely go in circles or choose one direction and end up in the wrong place. The other example would be having a millennial trying to get anywhere without a GPS… I have the ability to make this joke as a millennial myself.


The point is to give all goals a road map with specific numbers and an easy way to measure the progress. In the example stated previously, you can see that the goal is currently one hundred entrepreneurial mindset real estate agents. Our brokerage has this measured on a scorecard that is issued every week. We need to obtain one and a half agents a week to hit this goal. Make sure you are breaking down each goal on a daily, weekly, or at least monthly basis depending on the length of the goal.


This goal is placed on a whiteboard in our office to give me and all team members a visual of our progress towards the goal.




Does everyone involved in the SMART Goal believe that it is a realistic goal? The question needs to be asked and agreed upon by all parties that they can achieve it. Make sure the team believes that this goal is going to happen without a shadow of a doubt. Once your team has this type of faith, you know that you have created an achievable goal that everyone will strive to achieve.


Using the example of the SMART goal, our leadership group has agreed that of the thirty-four thousand agents in California, we will be able to recruit one hundred. This goal was presented to our team, and we were tasked with deciding whether or not it was an attainable goal for the brokerage. All goals need to be something all team members will be proud of. If the goal has been achieved, and it does not bring excitement to your team, then the goal needs to be more challenging for your team. All team members should celebrate and be rewarded for the achievement of large goals once they have been completed. This is what helps keep everyone motivated for the next goal they set out to achieve.




Is the goal relative to what you or your Company are trying to do? Does it fall within the core values of your company model? Always make sure that you do not stray from your core values. Every goal needs to be within these values and nothing can compromise them.


Matthew 26: 14-15 The none of the twelve, named Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests and said, “What are you willing to give me to betray Him to you?” And they weighed out thirty pieces of silver to him.


Just like Judas was willing to betray for money, do not be willing to overlook the core values for money in your business. The money will come to you holding to your core values. As an example of our one hundred agents, we are not willing to just take anyone. They must fit into our core values (SERVE), willing to grow a team, and have an entrepreneurial mindset.


Time Based


If the Goal has made it through the first four steps, then you need to create a timeline. When is this goal going to be achieved? This needs to be specific on the exact date to be completed with agreement from all parties. Without the tension of a specific date, you will lose the urgency of yourself and the team.


Your routine will equal your results, so inject SMART goals into your routine and we believe you will be happy with the results.


Be Productive


Be productive. Do not allow hard work and long hours to be masked as production.


I want this to be very clear… before getting into the statement above. Always work hard and push yourself to be better as a leader, be the first one in the office and the last one to leave. One of my favorite quotes from the movie Remember the Titans is when Julius tells Gerry, “Attitude reflects leadership captain.” The attitude you bring to the office, the hours you work, the energy you bring, will be reflected by your team members. Your work ethic will be what drives your results.


Look again at the statement above: be productive do not allow your hard work and long hours to be masked as production. You might be working toward your goals and always think the longer hours and the more work that you and your team members put in will result in your goals being reached, but sometimes there might just be an easier way. Always be analyzing the approach your business is using to reach their goals. While there will be some cases that the sweat, time, and effort will be the only for you to reach the SMART Goal you have set, you should always be on the lookout for ways to work smarter.


Sometimes you will find there is just an easier way like the story from You2 by Price Pritchett:


“There’s a small fly burning out the last of its short life’s energies in a futile attempt to fly through the glass of the windowpane. The whining wings tell the poignant story of the fly’s strategy — try harder.


But it’s not working.


The frenzied effort offers no hope for survival. Ironically, the struggle is part of the trap. It is impossible for the fly to try hard enough to succeed at breaking through the glass. Nevertheless, this little insect has staked its life on reaching its goal through raw effort and determination.


This fly is doomed. It will die there on the window sill.


Across the room, ten steps away, the door is open. Ten seconds of flying time and this small creature could reach the outside world it seeks. With only a fraction of the effort now being wasted, it could be free of this self- imposed trap. The breakthrough possibility is there. It would be so easy.


Why doesn’t the fly try another approach, something dramatically different? How did it get so locked in on the idea that this particular route, and determined effort, offer the most promise for success? What logic is there in continuing, until death, to seek a breakthrough with“more of the same”?


No doubt this approach makes sense to the fly. Regrettably, it’s an idea that will kill. “Trying harder” isn’t necessarily the solution to achieving more. It may not offer any real promise for getting what you want out of life. Some- times, in fact, it’s a big part of the problem.”


Sometimes being Results Driven is taking a step away from the business, not just consistently putting in the long hours. It could be just taking the time of figuring out the best way to solve the way to the goal. Just like the fly, you could find yourself working to the point of burnout, when all you need to do is fly through an open door that would only take seconds. Sometimes, you need to take a step back, evaluate your work, reflect on your process, and look for other opportunities. There will be times of failure in these goals, but do not let this stop you from your achievement. There might just be an open door that is around the corner that you need to find. When failure occurs, find the motivation again and look for the open door.


Results Driven Commitments


  • Focus on and deliver the results demanded by our Clients.
  • Provide team members with a clear direction and clear a path.
  • Practice Productivity over just Activity for Shareholders.
  • Make a positive and lasting impact in and on our Community.





Value Relationships by Expressing Gratitude


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Luke 6:31


the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


Webster defines GRAT’I’TUDE as…An emotion of the heart, excited by a favor or benefit received, a sentiment of kindness or goodwill towards a benefactor; thankfulness


I remember from a very early age being told, “To always be kind to others because you never know what they may be going through.” Kindness and Gratitude go hand in hand. I believe that if kindness, gratitude, and thankfulness reside at the center of our core and are fed daily by extending these values to others, we will lead a happier, calmer more peaceful life.


To our people, we realize that each day begins with a choice and we choose to practice gratitude daily. In doing so we have found that an attitude of gratitude opens the door to a more optimistic, energetic, resilient and joyful determination to better handle any challenges that may arise. After all, we can’t be thankful and worried, angry or self- righteous at the same time.


Because we have made this choice, our clients are guaranteed to be treated with respect and kindness through every interaction. We are committed to working just as hard at keeping our clients as we did to earn their business and we will always honor our relationship by doing the right thing.


We are advocates for and committed to serving others in our community. We join hand in hand to support several local ministries.


Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles


As leading not-for-profit pediatric healthcare organizations, Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles is committed to making kids better today and healthier tomorrow.


World Harvest


WorldHarvest is a humanitarian organization established in 1989. We exist to impact the world in three ways: Community, Education, and Media Services. Through our health seminars and medical camps, we improve community sanitation and create economic opportunities for thousands of civilians. We offer sponsorship opportunities for children in difficult situations so they can get a proper education and get on the road to fulfilling their dreams. Through leadership seminars, educational scholarships, and other training opportunities, we empower leaders to transform their communities. In Indonesia, we host one of the largest and most successful radio broadcast stations and TV shows in the nation. WorldHarvest serves people regardless of their ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.


Financial Peace University


This 9-week personal finance program helps our team members get out of debt, on a budget, and on a plan to save for retirement. We believe that team members with no money stress are more productive.


1-Year Financial Education for local middle schools and high schools


We partner up with Dave Ramsey office to sponsor 50 local middle schools and high schools by providing one-year personal finance to the youths in San Gabriel valley.


To learn more about this new program that we just launched in 2019, please go to https://www.ramseyeducation.com/sponsorships/rudy-l-kusuma-realty


La Casa de San Gabriel Community Center


La Casa de San Gabriel Community Center was founded in 1946 by the Reverend César Lizárraga and his wife Angelita. It was during their call as pastors of the Presbyterian Church on East Mission Road in 1943,  that the Lizárraga’s realized the community lacked programs to address the educational and social needs of its low income residents. Today La Casa continues to serve as a family resource center as our founders had envisioned. We continue to help economically disadvantaged children and families in their efforts to overcome the barriers of limited education, underemployment, language, inadequate housing and lack of medical care. Our history is deep, our core is strong, our mission is simple and with the continued support of our community, we will continue to make a difference each day, each year, each generation.


Boys and Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley


The Boys & Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley has been a cornerstone of the community since we first opened our doors in 1972. We provide a safe, structured environment for young people after school, during holidays and on summer vacation. Youth ages 6-17 are encouraged to join and open the door to all of the fun and exciting activities we have to offer.


In every community, without safe and supervised after school activities, boys and girls are left to find their own recreation and companionship in the streets. An increasing number of children are at home with no adult care or supervision. Young people need to know that someone cares about them.


The Boys & Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley offers that and more. Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of our members by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.


The Boys & Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley is a safe place to learn and grow—all while having fun.


It is truly The Positive Place for Kids.


The purpose of our club is to promote the social, educational, health, leadership, and character development of boys and girls during critical periods of their growth. To achieve this goal we provide:


  • A safe place to learn and grow
  • Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals
  • Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences
  • Hope and opportunity


In Summation


Gratitude makes you more Optimistic which = More Happiness Gratitude makes you Less Materialistic which = More Happiness Gratitude makes you more Spiritual which = More Happiness Gratitude makes you Less Self Centered which = More Happiness Gratitude gives you More Self Esteem which = More Happiness


So at the end of the day everything begins and ends with GRATITUDE and at the center of it all is Happiness.


Valuing Relationships by Expressing Gratitude Commitments


  • Openly thank our Clients for their trust in us.
  • Promote and praise our team members openly and often!
  • Respect our Shareholders risks, research and concerns.
  • Invest time and treasure into our Community




Embrace Continual Improvement


An ongoing effort to improve products, services, and processes.


Picture for a moment what our world would look like if growth never occurred. In the simplest form of the word that would be quite a sight. Babies as far as the eye could see and no one to help them grow into the person and people that they were created to be. But what if we carried that same thought past the physicality of growing and viewed the process of growth that occurs in the mind. This growth has a much greater capacity in that it not only has the ability to shape the present but more importantly, the future.


The most powerful concept and idea that any person will ever attach to is the concept of Continual Improvement. This concept is not merely an idea but should be classified as a universal business principle that has incredible weight and power in our lives. A universal principle should be seen as a controlling factor in any outcome and the more it is known and understood, the more it can be leveraged for one’s benefit. Consider gravity. No matter what I believe about gravity, it is holding my feet to the ground right this second. If I don’t know about, or choose not to believe in gravity, it is still holding my feet firmly to the ground. There are several other principles and laws that will allow me to counteract the effects of gravity. Knowing and understanding these laws and principles will allow me to use these forces as an advantage as opposed to them becoming a hindrance or impediment in my life.


Jim Rohn has said that we are the average of the 5 people that we spend the most time with. Let’s carry that further with the idea that you are the average of not just the 5 people but of the 5 sources that you learn from. This is principle number one that I’d like you to connect with. Make a  list of 5 places or sources where you spend the most time and you will find that your thinking will not have the ability to go beyond those things. For most people in America, the list is pretty easy to compile… Television, Social Media, Movies, Internet Games, Magazines. More people can tell me who is married to Brad Pitt than could list the 3 major parts of any business that must exist for it to succeed or the top 3 things you can do to organize your day and minimize stress in your life. But we live each day wondering how is it that some people seem to have success and others seem to be stuck in a rut.


If I told you that you could accomplish incredible things in the world, would you believe me? Why is it that many people feel that they are relegated to be average? Why do we end up feeling like just another person lost in the shuffle of life doing the same things every day, over and over and over again. At almost 40 years old I have to wonder how many times I’ve brushed my teeth by now. Perhaps one of the greatest obstructions to stepping out of the ordinary and attempting to attain the extraordinary is a common opinion, that perhaps, I already know everything that I need to know. But imagine for a moment that this belief was eradicated from your mind. Picture waking up in the morning with the feeling that you actually did not know what you needed to know in order to survive the day. What would you do? How would your day, week, year and life change? The problem is that once you believe you know everything, you can’t learn anything. If you believe you know most of what you need to know to be successful, then you will seek to learn just a little bit. Leaders are learners… to the extent they believe they need to. Spend a day with the most successful people in the world and you will see a stack of books on their nightstand by their bed… they are forever learning ing, a belief they only know what they know and need to learn more.


That leads us to the introduction of another universal business principle that will change your future. The problems that have been created in our lives cannot be solved with the same thinking under which those problems began. New knowledge and information is necessary to effectively resolve those issues. People tend to look at problems in life and business from one of two perspectives. The first is to throw our hands up in the air and bellow about the miserable hand that we’ve been dealt with and to give in to the depression of our bad luck. The second is to understand that practically every issue that we face can be solved if we go on a mission to find the knowledge and information that will lead us to the solution.


I love what Richard DeVoss says about success.“The only thing that stands between a person and what they want from life is often merely the will  to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible.” What are you willing to believe about yourself and what are you willing to try to do to make it where you want to go? Most of us understand what wisdom is but are we willing to make the choice to set aside the time necessary to attain it. Wisdom is defined as ‘the body of knowledge and principles that develops within a specified society or period’. If I asked you if you wanted people to consider you to be wise, of course, the answer would be a resounding yes. So what is the path to attaining this wisdom? That is entirely up to you.


When I made the decision to start learning to be the person that I desired to become, I developed a new desire for reading and surrounding myself with the people that could help me achieve what I wanted in life. One of the first books I read was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill which primed my mind to start thinking differently. I moved forward to one of my favorite authors, Andy Stanley. In his book Visioneering, he details the idea of preparing for the success you would like to achieve even before any opportunity has presented itself. One of my favorite quotes from Andy is, “Direction, Not Intention, Determines your Destination You cannot get to California from the Midwest by going east, unless you want to fly around the world.” All of the best intentions will never get you to where you want to go in life. This is why many of us end up fighting what we feel like is an uphill battle to achieve success and never fully find what we are looking for.


How many people can you name that are highly successful doing what you want to achieve? How many of those people are you around on a consistent basis for you to learn from? If you are hanging out with people that make $100k per year, then you are more likely to be making a similar amount. But what would your life look like if you were consistently around millionaires? “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” Although frequently credited to a Navy Seal Commander, we can originally attribute this quote to the Greek lyrical poet, Archilochus. What quotes do you have written on the walls of your office? How do you keep your mind focused on the right things? Who are the five people that you are spending time with and learning from? What are the five sources that you are choosing to draw from as the foundation for your future? Pick up a pen right now and start writing. Put in place the plan for your future by changing your current surroundings and situation. This is the only way to break the cycle that you have been stuck in for most of your life.


So how does the cycle of change begin? First, it starts with changing your mindset. Make the decision to learn everything you can so that you can be the best at what you do. Fully internalize and believe what Jim Collins said, “Good is the Enemy of Great.” That belief will prime your mind and set your intentions into action. Second, make a plan. Set your schedule daily to include time for personal growth. Morning or evening doesn’t matter. Just choose the time that you are most alert and ready to absorb something new. Third, find people that are ahead of you on the path and walk with them in the same direction. Continual Improvement is not a fad or a passing trend. It is a way of life that you will implement to achieve the confidence and success that you’ve always wanted. Make the decision to start your journey today. I can guarantee that you will love the results. Go Learn Big!



Embracing Continual Improvement Commitments


  • Our Clients deserve our best: Good enough never is.
  • Promote Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities for our Team members.
  • Challenge the status quo for our Shareholders’ interests.
  • Be a positive force for good in our Community


Excerpt from Ken Blanchard


“Perhaps more than at any previous time, an organization today must know what it stands for and on what principles it will operate. No longer is values-based organizational behavior an interesting philosophical choice

– it is a requisite for survival.


The particular mix of dilemmas in which competitive companies do business nowadays requires that they build success upon effectiveness. Once an organization has a clear picture of its mission and values, it has a strong basis for the evaluation of its management practices and bringing them into alignment with the articulated mission and values.


I am a Managing By Values believer because I have witnessed the significant payoff experienced by organizations undergoing the process. These organizations have developed clear mission statements and operating values and have communicated these values throughout their companies; their journeys have been all about managing by those values. Managing by values can and does make a difference.”


Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The One Minute Manager, Full Steam Ahead, and Managing by Values.








The Greatest Story Ever Told can only be written by you. I want you to fill these blank pages with intentional acts of kindness that add value to people. Everyday let your words be a record of how you are making a positive difference in the lives of others. Start now and intentionally make a great story with your life.


Rudy L. Kusuma





Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.