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Titanium Real Estate Network will personally take the risk out of selling your home with our exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program. We are so confident that we can sell your home, we GUARANTEE IT!

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The right word choice can make a $20,000 difference in value at times. Our team has written over 1,100 real estate ads. We have the training and education and invest in continually trying to do better in this area.


Different descriptive words attract different types of buyers, each prepared to pay different prices. There is a SCIENCE to this that has been perfected by The Titanium Real Estate Network over 29 years, over 3,000 transactions, and over $870,000,000 in total homes sold.  


The Titanium Real Estate Network is personally involved in the language and the words that will be written about your home!



This is why we publish our performance statistics for home sales – so you can see that we routinely outperform other agents, netting you more money and avoiding having your home on the market for months.


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The Titanium Real Estate Network Guide to the Home Selling Process!